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All-new Black Label Pre-Workout intended to be a replacement for XXL’s Unleash

xxl nutrition black label pre-workout

The European supplement retailer and brand XXL Nutrition has an all-new pre-workout out this week, intended to be a sequel to its much older competitor in the category, Unleash. The product is “Black Label Pre-Workout”, and while its slick black branding does make it look fairly hardcore and intense, that is not quite the case when going over its label.

XXL Nutrition has brought together a reliable blend of ingredients for Black Label Pre-Workout, with nothing dosed supremely high or over-the-top, sitting around the typical range. The formula is shooting for a comprehensive experience, with ingredients and dosages to support increased energy and focus, and enhanced pumps and performance.

To support pumps and performance, XXL Nutrition’s Black Label Pre-Workout has 2.5g of beta-alanine, a light 2g of pure citrulline, a gram of arginine, and 1.5g of taurine. As for the other half of the supplement, the stimulating side, you get a gram of tyrosine, 250mg of EnXtra, 150mg of ginseng, and 330mg of caffeine, with a few other features in there too.

As mentioned, XXL Nutrition’s awesome-looking Black Label Pre-Workout doesn’t feature an overly potent formula but seemingly enough to come through on a balanced experience. The product is available now through the retailer and brand’s online store in two flavors, Orange Fruit and Yellow Fruit, and it’ll cost you €29.95 (36.44 USD) for a tub of 30 servings.