Unique Root Beer flavor comes to Ambrosia’s long-running superfood supplement

Jul 28th, 2021
ambrosia root beer nektar

Nektar is a superfood supplement from the Ambrosia Collective of Mike Rashid, Marc Lobliner, Sean Torbati, and CT Fletcher. It hit the market years ago, long before greens products become as popular as they are now. Ambrosia’s Nektar does come in flavored powder form, and over the years, it has built out its menu with options like Strawberry Basil and Sour Gummy Candy.

This week the Ambrosia Collective is introducing yet another flavor of its superfood supplement, Nektar, and similar to Sour Gummy Candy, it’s not a flavor you typically see for greens products. Root Beer is the newest addition to the Nektar family, still featuring all of its original 13 key ingredients to support liver, lungs, heart, and kidney health, as well as a few other areas of health.

The Ambrosia Collective’s all-new Root Beer Nektar is available now through its online store, where a single 30 serving bottle of the supplement has a regular price of $39.99.