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Applied’s fruit-flavored Clear Whey Protein joined by a vegan-friendly version

applied nutrition clear vegan protein

Yesterday we posted about Applied Nutrition’s product for the now well-established, fruit-flavored protein powder trend with Clear Whey Protein in an impressive eight different flavors. It turns out the popular UK brand has dropped one other refreshing protein powder this month, which separates itself from Clear Whey Protein by way of its sources of protein.

Applied Nutrition’s other new supplement is Clear Vegan Protein, getting in on the fruit-flavored protein powder trend like Clear Whey Protein; however, this one is plant-based and completely vegan-friendly. Clear Vegan Protein packs 21.5g of protein in a two-scoop serving, with all of that protein coming from hydrolyzed pea protein.

The other macros making up a double serving of Applied Nutrition’s Clear Vegan Protein are 2.8g of carbohydrates, half a gram of that sugar, an impressively low 100mg of fat, and 98 calories. To give the product an extra highlight, the UK brand has also added a blend of vitamins to Clear Vegan Protein, including vitamin C and a full spectrum of B vitamins.

Another interesting detail of Clear Vegan Protein is that Applied Nutrition has launched it in the same amount of flavors as Clear Whey Protein, with a strong selection of eight. Several of the flavors are similar to Clear Whey’s menu, with refreshing, fruit-based creations like Strawberry & Lime, Orange & Lemon, Cranberry & Pomegranate, and Green Apple.

Applied Nutrition’s Clear Vegan Protein is available now through its direct-to-consumer online store at £49.99 (69.51 USD) for a bag of 20 full servings packing 21.5g of protein each, or 40 half servings with 10.7g of protein.