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Choc-Mint quickly follows ATP’s second-ever flavor of Noway Hot Chocolate

atp science choc mint noway hot chocolate

Australian brand ATP Science only just dropped the second-ever flavor of its creative, functional hot chocolate supplement, Noway Hot Chocolate, featuring a full 10g of collagen peptides in each of its 25 servings per tub. That flavor was a sweet and salty Salted Caramel, and it went nicely alongside the original and very simple Noway Hot Chocolate option “Chocolate”.

ATP Science now followed up its two-week-old Salted Caramel Noway Hot Chocolate with a third flavor, and it is another great fit for the hot chocolate format in Choc-Mint. It is indeed the classic combination of chocolate and mint, still giving you that 10g of collagen peptides in every serving, and it is available through the brand’s website at $59.95 (44.37 USD).

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