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Noway Hot Chocolate gets a second dessert-style flavor in Salted Caramel

atp science noway hot chocolate salted caramel

Australian supplement company ATP Science released quite a creative product in April of last year with a hot chocolate version of its well-known protein powder, Noway, powered by collagen. The Noway Hot Chocolate is also a collagen-based supplement but comes in the form of hot chocolate to enjoy hot or cold and packing 10g of protein per serving.

ATP Science launched its Noway Hot Chocolate in a straightforward flavor to start with “Chocolate”, although this month, it has finally followed up with a second option. Now available alongside the product’s original Chocolate is another delicious, dessert-style taste in Salted Caramel, still featuring 10g of protein from collagen and only a gram of sugar.

The Salted Caramel Noway Hot Chocolate is already in stock and available through ATP Science’s online store at $59.95 (44.76 USD) for a tub of 25 servings, which is interestingly five servings fewer than Chocolate.