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Barebells’ tasty vegan protein bar arrives in the US in two of three flavors

barebells vegan protein bar

Barebells in the US posted a teaser yesterday that we suspected or felt very confident, hinted at the Swedish brand’s candy bar-style plant-based protein bar coming to America. A day later, that suspicion has proven true, with the maker of our number one rated protein bar indeed bringing its Vegan Protein Bar stateside in its two original flavors, Salty Peanut and Hazelnut & Nougat.

The macros on Barebells Vegan Protein Bar are different from the flagship Barebells Protein Bar with 15g of protein from a blend of soy, pea, and rice protein. You then have 28g of carbohydrates with 7g of that fiber and only a gram sugar, 9g of fat, and a calorie count of 210, and that is for both flavors, which fans should be familiar with as they are from the regular Barebells Protein Bar.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Barebells Vegan Protein Bar is one of the best tasting candy bar-style snacks we’ve had, and you can purchase it starting today through the brand’s US-exclusive online store. Over at, you can grab the plant-based protein bar at a reasonable $25.99 for a box of 12, so it’s the same price as a box of the regular Barebells Protein Bar.

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