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Bowmar prepares to drop its sleep aid after being in the works for a year and a half

bowmar nutrition sleep

Throughout 2021, Bowmar Nutrition has been quietly expanding its selection of supplements, branching into new categories, and welcoming several flavor extensions. Next week at its usual release time of midday Friday, the brand is launching another entirely new product for an area of the market it has yet to touch with a sleep supporting supplement.

Bowmar Nutrition has named its upcoming sleep product “Sleep” and it has apparently been in the works for a year and a half. The brand designed the supplement to do much the same as other sleep support formulas, and that is help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep. The ingredients Bowmar has brought together for Sleep are fairly typical, although we don’t have any of their dosages to share at the moment.

Bowmar Nutrition’s Sleep includes zinc, lemon balm, glycine, sodium, and the more common and known sleep ingredients in melatonin, GABA, theanine, and tryptophan. Given the brand doses everything as well as we’ve seen in its other products, Sleep is a great addition to the Bowmar family, especially since it fills a hole in its expanding and extensive lineup.

Once again, Bowmar Nutrition is planning to release its sleep-enhancing and supporting supplement on Friday of next week at precisely midday Eastern Time. Sleep is a flavored powder product and is coming in what the brand describes as a “relaxing” and “calming” experience, and it’ll have the usual 30 servings per tub with no word on price just yet.