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Amino KEM gets a tablet spin-off but half the EAAs for the same price per serving

evogen amino kem tablets

Alongside the all-new version of its creatine-infused recovery supplement Cell KEM, Evogen has released a spin-off of another one of its older products, Amino KEM. Like Cell KEM, Amino KEM is an amino-based supplement, although instead of combining all nine EAAs with creatine, it has hydration and pump ingredients in betaine, coconut water, and S7.

Evogen’s spin-off of Amino KEM is Amino KEM Tablets, which doesn’t feature any of those extras, only the EAAs, and at a much lighter amount overall. While the original has a respectable total of 8.5g of all nine EAAs per serving, the tablet version actually has precisely half of that at 4.25g of all nine EAAs, and at the same ratio of each individual amino acid.

The price of Evogen’s Amino KEM Tablets is the same as the powder, although as mentioned, you get half the amount of EAAs per serving, and you get the same amount of servings at 30 a bottle. Basically, the regular Amino KEM is much better value, but for those that prefer tablets over a drinkable powder, then this is the alternative you’ve been waiting for.

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