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Evogen puts EAAs, NO3-T and Sensoril into its revamped amino Cell KEM

evogen cell kem pr

Cell KEM is one of Evogen’s longest-running supplements, combining a variety of amino acids, including the three all-important BCAAs, and electrolytes, all to support muscle recovery, hydration, and performance. The brand from Hany Rambod recently released an all-new version of that product called Cell KEM PR, meaning “Pure Recovery”, and it has indeed replaced that original Cell KEM.

One of the most exciting things about Evogen’s Cell KEM PR is that, unlike its predecessor, it is completely transparent. The first Cell KEM had all of its key ingredients in non-transparent blends, so you didn’t know the dosages of anything outside of the vitamins and minerals. Cell KEM PR changes that and features a facts panel with every ingredient listed with its exact amount per serving.

evogen cell kem pr

For the new and improved version of Cell KEM, Evogen has carried over a lot of the same types of ingredients, with a strong focus on aminos. Cell KEM PR packs a full spectrum of EAAs at a combined 5g in every serving, 3g of which are BCAAs. There is also premium Sensoril ashwagandha at 250mg and a pump blend of pine bark, a gram of NO3-T creatine nitrate, and 1.5g of tried and true creatine monohydrate.

Evogen’s Cell KEM PR is in stock and available for purchase through its official online store with two flavors for fans to choose from in Raspberry Lemonade and the candy-like recipe Sour Watermelon. The price of the supplement is slightly more than its predecessor at $54.95 versus $49.95, and you don’t get as many servings at the usual 30, whereas the original Cell KEM had 40.