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Foodspring combines nuts, coconut, cocoa and nuts for a wholefood spread

foodspring just peanuts and cashews

Functional brand Foodspring already has a strong selection of nut butter and spreads available, which is something it’s expanded on again this week, although with a slightly different blend of ingredients. Just Nuts is the latest creation from Foodspring, featuring just nuts and the two other ingredients that are in each of its two flavors’ titles.

Foodspring’s Just Nuts options are Peanuts, Cocoa and Dates, and Cashews, Coconut and Dates. As mentioned, each of those products features only what’s in its flavor name, and that is it. The creative functional company takes all of those ingredients and spins them into a smooth, spreadable nut-based butter for use however you please.

Just Nuts is a simple and straightforward wholefood spread, and directly from Foodspring’s online store, it’ll cost you €5.99 (7.11 USD) for a single 200g jar, or if you purchase six, you’ll get them slightly cheaper at €5.49 (6.51 USD) each.