Chocolate and mint come together for Built Brands’ Grasshopper Cookie flavor

Jul 6th, 2021
grasshopper cookie built bar

Later tonight, the creative, functional food brand Built Brands is coming out with another flavor of its signature protein snack, the lean and on-the-go Built Bar. The brand has given the taste a relatively unique name, although the combination of flavors it features is very traditional, all while still packing the product’s usual nutrition profile led by 17g of protein with 150 calories.

Built Brands’ latest Built Bar creation is called Grasshopper Cookie, which is a delicious blend of chocolate and mint. As mentioned, it has those high-protein, low-calorie macros found in all of the other flavors at 17g of protein, a low 5g of sugar, and 170 calories. You’ll be able to grab it at precisely midnight tonight through Built Brands’ online store at $39.70 for a box of 18 bars.