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Japan’s Haleo takes an all-in-one approach to its plant-based protein powder Vega

haleo vega

Popular Japanese supplement company Haleo has introduced a protein powder to close out the month of July, and it is the brand’s first-ever plant-based protein. The vegan-friendly product is named Vega, and while its high amount of protein is its primary highlight, there is more to the supplement that makes it more of an all-in-one type formula.

Firstly, Haleo’s Vega packs 26.5g of protein per serving, coming from its two main sources, soy and almond protein. Alongside the protein, the brand has thrown in 1.5g of leucine, something we’ve seen others do to help make a plant-based protein’s balance of aminos more like that of a traditional whey protein.

Also included in Vega from Haleo are several more superfood style ingredients with 7.5g of green banana powder, the premium probiotic Ganeden BC30 providing 1.1 billion CFUs, and the DigeZyme blend to support digestion. As mentioned, Vega is quite a comprehensive product that packs far more than your typical vegan-friendly protein powder.

You can purchase Haleo’s Vega from its partner brand and retailer Bulk Sports in one flavor at the moment with Chocolate Banana, packing a total of 20 servings and costing ¥10,800 (98.44 USD). Bulk Sports is running a sale to celebrate the supplement’s arrival where you can buy two bags for the same price each, but you’ll get a free tank as well.