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HR Labs’ tweaked special edition formula becomes its V2 version of Defib

hr labs defib v2

In May, reputable UK brand HR Labs released a special edition flavor of its original and well-dosed stimulant pre-workout Defib, exclusive to the reputable retailer Insight Supps. The flavor of the product was Bubblegum Fizzy Bottles, and to make it that extra bit special, the brand gave the pre-workout an improved formula with a handful of tweaks and changes.

HR Labs has now decided to take the ingredients and dosages behind that exclusive Bubblegum Fizzy Bottles Defib and make it the regular ongoing formula for all of its other flavors of the supplement. For those that missed our initial post, the changes include 33% more citrulline malate at a hefty 8g per serving, citicoline swapped for alpha-GPC, no more theanine, and branded GlycerSize glycerol instead of regular glycerol.

Fans of HR Labs that want to get their hands on the newest version of Defib will be happy to hear the revitalized pre-workout is going live on the brand’s website tomorrow. The product does feature “V2” on its label to help you tell it apart, although it also has a small facelift, where the brand has made even more changes giving the flavors a more graphic callout.