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Huge makes it three new flavors for the week with another addition to Wrecked

huge nutrition bomb popsicle wrecked

A couple of days ago, we posted about two new tastes from the still very young but growing supplement company Huge Nutrition, one each for its amino BCAA and sleep formula Hibernate. Those tasty new options were a Bomb Pop-inspired recipe called Bomb Popsicle for BCAA, and for Hibernate, it is something a little more refreshing and fruity in Passion Fruit.

Huge Nutrition has just followed those two products up with another flavor extension, this time for one of its more popular supplements, in the stimulant pre-workout Wrecked. The flavor addition for that one is actually the same as the Bomb Popsicle BCAA from Friday with a Bomb Popsicle Wrecked, still aiming to deliver a nostalgic Bomb Pop-like flavor experience.

Like the Bomb Popsicle BCAA and Passion Fruit Hibernate, you can grab Huge Nutrition’s all-new and fourth overall flavor of Wrecked in Bomb Popsicle from its online store, where a tub of 25 full servings will cost you $44.95