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Inspired puts together a flavor series exclusively for Australia and New Zealand

inspired electric blue series

Inspired Nutraceuticals has been putting together some awesome-looking flavors down under in Australia and New Zealand, with the interesting part about them being their alternative label designs. We first saw the brand mix things up design-wise with its Malibu Breeze DVST8 BBD, and since then, we’ve seen two more in Mamba Juice and Green Envy.

Fans of Inspired in Australia and New Zealand are now being treated to something a little beyond those alternatively branded flavors of DVST8 BBD with an entire special edition series. The Brand Of The Year winner for 2019 has unveiled its Electric Blue Series, which is a collection of DVST8 BBD, the fat burner Ember, and Amino, in a tasty new blue raspberry flavor.

You can see what all of the Electric Blue-flavored supplements in the series look like in the image above, featuring a fitting white and light blue color combination. Inspired is planning to drop the blue raspberry family sometime next month in Australia and New Zealand, although in the latter of the two countries, it will be exclusive to the supplement retailer ASN.