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Mutant getting ready to release a new pre-workout separate from Mutant Madness

mutant owner interview

This week for our Stack3d Supplement Podcast interview, we sat down again with Jim McMahon, who we had on the podcast a few weeks ago for his brand Pure Vita Labs, better known as PVL. This time around, we brought him on to talk all about another brand of his in the hardcore legacy supplement company Mutant, known mostly for its original mass gainer Mutant Mass.

We talked all about Mutant, right from its beginnings, where the only product it had on the market for five years was Mutant Mass, which was also initially released and branded as a PVL supplement. We went on to discuss some of the hit products Mutant has done since then, including its hard-hitting pre-workout Mutant Madness and its incredibly packed out post-workout Mutant Rehab.

Another topic in the interview is details of an all-new pre-workout Mutant has coming soon, separate from its only stimulant supplement currently in the category in the high-energy Mutant Madness. McMahon didn’t reveal too much about the product, only that it’d be distinctly different from Mutant Madness and feature a strong performance side to it, with less focus on stimulation.

You can catch the full interview with Mutant’s Jim McMahon on all of the usual podcast platforms, including iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. McMahon also confirmed Tuesday the 20th of July is the day you can look forward to more information on its mysterious, intriguing, and upcoming pre-workout with either a teaser, more clues, or even a full reveal.