Cookie-filled Cookie Crumble flavor comes to the unforgettable Authentic Bar

Jul 6th, 2021
jacked factory cookies authentic bar

When we reviewed Jacked Factory’s incredibly delicious and unforgettably smooth protein snack, the Authentic Bar, we hoped it would come out with more flavors. The build, consistency, sweetness, and overall experience of the product give it the opportunity to be one of the best bars on the market, assuming it can increase its menu variety and put together more great flavors.

Not too long after we posted our review of the Authentic Bar, Jacked Factory came out and announced flavor number six for its truly must-try snack with a sprinkle-filled Birthday Cake. The busy brand has now followed that up with news of yet another addition to the Authentic Bar menu, and it sounds like another hit with Cookie Crumble, featuring bits of cookies and creme in the bar.

As mentioned, we hoped Jacked Factory would expand its selection of flavors for the Authentic Bar, and that is exactly what it’s doing, with Birthday Cake and Cookie Crumble arriving a month and a half apart. You can grab the exciting new Cookie Crumble Authentic Bar through the brand’s online store at $12.99 for a box of six protein bars or $24.99 for the usual box of a dozen.