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Whey isolate-powered ISO PWDR from Metabolic debuts in a selection of flavors

metabolic nutrition iso pwdr

The all-new protein powder Metabolic Nutrition previewed back in June, ISO PWDR, has now been completely revealed and is available for purchase through the brand’s online store. The supplement is a premium and lean, whey isolate powered product packing marginally more than the usual 25g of protein at 26 with a gram each of carbohydrates and fat, and between 104 and 121 calories.

The macros of Metabolic Nutrition’s ISO PWDR do vary slightly across each of its flavors, as it does have a few to choose from. There are the traditional tastes, Chocolate Cupcake and Peanut Butter Cream, and a handful of more uncommon creations. Rounding out ISO PWDR’s menu is Birthday Cake, Strawberry Cream, Butter Pecan Cookie, and Banana Cream, all in 1.5 and 3lb tubs.

Metabolic Nutrition does have a few added ingredients in ISO PWDR with a blend of enzymes to support digestion and a free-form amino complex made up of leucine, valine, and glutamine. We have reached out to the brand to see if the aminos are counted towards the total amount of protein and will update our post when we hear back.

ISO PWDER is once again available for purchase through Metabolic Nutrition’s online store with the two sizes mentioned earlier to choose from in a 1.5lb tub and a 3lb tub. The price on the smaller size of the two with 23 servings is $39.99, while the double size 3lb packing 46 servings is as you’d expect, slightly more cost-effective at $59.99, working out to be 25% cheaper per serving.