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Olimp creates another shot that isn’t your usual caffeine-fueled drink

olimp vita-min shot

It wasn’t that long ago, the giant European supplement company Olimp released a shot-style product, however it wasn’t the usual caffeine-fueled energy shot. The Olimp launch was Protein Shot, a compact 60ml shot that didn’t have any fat or carbohydrates but a solid dose of protein at 20g per bottle, coming from a blend of collagen and hydrolyzed whey.

Olimp is back in the shot market again this week, and just like last time, it hasn’t taken the usual angle on this one. Vita-Min Multiple Sport Shot is the latest innovation from the Poland-based brand, which brings together a variety of vitamins and minerals. The list of ingredients includes a blend of B vitamins, premium Albion chelated minerals, and green tea extract.

Olimp’s Vita-Min Multiple Sport Shot combines all of its health and wellness ingredients into a drink that’s smaller than its Protein Shot at 25ml in the one Citrus Punch flavor. The unique although not overly loaded multivitamin supplement is now out and available in Europe, and it isn’t all that expensive, sitting around €1.44 (1.71 USD) for a slim, single 25ml bottle.