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Performance Inspired drops a bulk unflavored collagen peptide product

performance inspired nutrition collagen peptides

Just days after word of Redcon1 coming out with a simple, unflavored collagen peptide supplement, we have news of another popular brand doing much the same thing. That other brand is Mark Wahlberg’s Performance Inspired Nutrition, and similar to Redcon1’s still upcoming product, Performance Inspired’s collagen powder is relatively basic.

The brand’s latest supplement is simply named “Collagen Peptides”, and that is precisely all it features, with 20g of bovine collagen peptides in every serving, providing 18g of protein and 70 calories. The product promotes all of the usual benefits from collagen, including support for healthy hair, skin, and nails, as well as digestion and joint health.

Each tub of Performance Inspired Nutrition’s Collagen Peptides has 17 servings, all packed with that 20g of collagen, and directly from the brand’s website, the supplement will cost you $25.99.