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Redcon1 continuing its string of product drops with a straightforward collagen

redcon1 collagen peptides

Redcon1 has been picking up the pace quite a bit when it comes to releases in the recent months with several flavor extensions as well as some entirely new supplements such as War Zone and the high-protein, Redcon1 Bar. The two-time Brand Of The Year winner plans to continue that momentum with more product drops, including something we’ve seen from many other competitors over the past couple of years.

Redcon1 has confirmed on the calendar for the coming months is a straightforward collagen supplement, packing 20g of unflavored collagen peptides in each of its 30 servings. The product promises all of the usual benefits for collagen-based formulas, including support for healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints, and you can expect a cost-effective price due to how competitive Redcon1 and simple the supplement is.

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