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Quest covers bite-sized cookies in frosting and sprinkles with 5g of protein

quest nutrition quest frosted cookies

Quest Nutrition already has its full-size Quest Cookie on the market, a traditional, smooth, and flavorful cookie packed full of protein at 15 to 16g and a gram or less of sugar. Coming soon from the popular and widely available functional brand is another type of cookie, very different from the Quest Cookie, which details have surfaced on over at the retailer The Vitamin Shoppe.

Quest Frosted Cookies is a more indulgent, sweet treat, with Quest Nutrition covering a bite-sized, 25g soft-baked cookie in tasty frosting and rainbow sprinkles in two cake flavors, Chocolate Cake and Birthday Cake. The macros on the product are about the same for both options with 5g of protein, 9 to 10g of carbohydrates, less than a gram of sugar, 7g of fat, and 90 calories.

quest nutrition quest frosted cookies

Quest Nutrition’s upcoming Quest Frosted Cookies are along the same lines as its more recently released Candy Bites and Candy Bar, in the sense that it puts taste slightly over nutrition. The tasty and intriguing product looks to be coming in boxes with eight individually packaged cookies, which The Vitamin Shoppe currently has listed at $8.99, working out to $1.12 a piece.