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Real Good puts more protein into its already protein-packed Entree Bowls

real good foods protein bowls

Something we’ve seen the creative, high-protein, healthy food company Real Good Foods do in the past is improve its products for a better experience in both texture and taste. This month the brand is at it again, making several changes to its Entree Bowls lineup, which debuted around this time last year in six delicious flavors, including Chicken Lasagna and Chicken Burrito Bowl.

One of the most significant changes Real Good Foods has made to its collection of protein-packed, low-carbohydrate Entree Bowls is increase the protein per meal, which, as mentioned, was already relatively high. The brand has also improved the texture and taste of its carbohydrate sources, vegetable noodles and cauliflower rice, and made each meal’s seasonings better.

Real Good Foods has improved its Entree Bowls in more ways than one, resulting in leaner macros, and the eating experience is more enjoyable with smoother texture and flavor. You can purchase and get a closer look at all of the revamped Entree Bowls on the brand’s website, where you’ll see the likes of the Lemon Chicken Bowl now has more than twice the protein at 29g.