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Redcon1 releases its alternatively branded Tiger’s Blood Series made up of five products

redcon1 tigers blood series

Redcon1 has gone ahead and released what we suspected it had coming with an entire collection of supplements in a Tiger’s Blood flavor, similar to its Vice City and Sour Gummy Series. The family also consists of a few more products than what the brand teased earlier in the week, with five in total, including its pre-workout Total War, which did already have the flavor on its menu and for quite some time.

The complete Tiger’s Blood Series from Redcon1 consists of the fat burner Double Tap, the amino Breach, the creatine-based muscle builder Tango, the pump pre-workout Big Noise, and, as mentioned, Total War. All of the Tiger’s Blood, cherry and coconut-flavored supplements are available now through the Redcon1 website, including several discounted stacks that come with a limited Tiger’s Blood tee.