Redcon1’s eye-catching reskin turns out to be an entire Tiger’s Blood Series

Jul 7th, 2021
redcon1 tigers blood series

It wasn’t that long ago we shared a post previewing an all-new look for one of Redcon1’s longer-running flavors of its signature stimulant pre-workout Total War in Tiger’s Blood. We thought the product was actually just a reskin where the brand gives its Tiger’s Blood Total War an alternative or limited time look, although it turns out that’s not quite the case.

Redcon1 has revealed it is coming out with an entire Tiger’s Blood Series similar to its Vice City line from this time last year and the colorful and candy-themed Sour Gummy Series from May. The two-time Brand Of The Year winner has now previewed that alternative Tiger’s Blood label from a couple of weeks ago on two other supplements in Tango and Big Noise.

There is the chance Redcon1 has more products in its Tiger’s Blood Series, as both the Vice City and Sour Gummy Series include six different supplements. We’re not too sure when the brand plans on dropping its eye-catching new line, although, by the sounds of things, fans aren’t going to be waiting around too long for the drop.