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Redcon1 announces another upcoming entry in its Basic Training Series

redcon1 vitamin d3

Redcon1 is back again this week, announcing its third new supplement in only three days, following on from news of Collagen Peptides and Apple Cider Vinegar. Both of those upcoming products are as simple as they sound, featuring only the ingredients mentioned in their titles, which is the case for the other supplement that’s on the way from Redcon1.

Joining the two-time Brand Of The Year winner’s list of products coming soon is Vitamin D3, for Redcon1’s ever-growing, straightforward, Basic Training Series. The brand’s new Vitamin D3 is going to feature vitamin D3 to support immune and bone health, at a solid 125mcg in each of its capsules, and it has a massive amount of capsules at 180 per bottle.

Like Collagen Peptides and Apple Cider Vinegar, all that we know about Redcon1’s Vitamin D3 is that it’s coming soon, and being a Basic Training Series product, it will be relatively cost-effective.