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No BS brand RXBar enters the cereal space with real ingredients and high protein

rxbar rx cereal

The mainstream, real food snack brand RXBar is mostly known for its title product, the high-protein RXBar, available in a mountain of different flavors as well as alternative versions such as RX Kids and RXBar Plant. This week RXBar has introduced an entirely new type of food to its many fans and followers with something to help them start their day strong in the no B.S., RX Cereal.

Like the brand’s many other products, RX Cereal is high in protein, features only real food ingredients, and lists off all of its main ingredients on the front of its packaging. There are two flavors of RX Cereal in Vanilla Pumpkin and Chocolate Almond, and they’re made with brown rice, almonds, coconut sugar, pea protein, honey, and flavor-specific ingredients like chocolate and pumpkin seeds.

rxbar rx cereal

The macros on a serving of RXBar’s all-new RX Cereal start with a respectable 11 to 12g of protein, 9 to 10g of fat, and 250 to 270 calories. The carbohydrate count is relatively high when looking at how much protein you get with 30 to 39g and 10 to 12g of that sugar. The higher carbohydrate and calorie flavor is Chocolate Almond, while Vanilla Pumpkin is the one at 30g.

The build of RX Cereal looks fairly traditional with crispy flakes, nuts, and in the Vanilla Pumpkin flavor, pumpkin seeds. As you can see, the brand has kept its ingredients super simple; something RXBar made a clear focal point in its original bar. RX Cereal is available now through the brand’s website, where it’ll cost you $23.99 for three boxes, with about six servings in each 340g box.