RYSE’s SunnyD collaboration sells out but is coming soon to The Vitamin Shoppe

Jul 13th, 2021
ryse sunnyd pre-workout

Last month it was announced RYSE would be coming out with its first-ever authentic flavor collaboration, something we’ve now seen many brands do, including the likes of Be Legend, Dymatize, and most notably, Ghost. For RYSE’s collaboration debut, it has teamed up with the iconic tangy drink SunnyD for a flavor of its more intense Project Blackout Series Pre-Workout.

Almost a month after we first posted about RYSE and SunnyD coming together, the authentic SunnyD Tangy Original flavor of its Project Blackout Pre-Workout has now launched. The brand made the product available through its website yesterday in a limited amount, although unfortunately if you didn’t get in quickly, you will have missed out as it has since sold out.

We have to imagine RYSE is going to have its SunnyD Tangy Original available in its online store again soon; however, you may be better off going somewhere else. The brand did say the authentic collaboration would be released nationwide through the Vitamin Shoppe sometime in July, so if you missed out, keep an eye on the shelves at your local Vitamin Shoppe.