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Ghost is also releasing its Sour Patch Pineapple for Ghost BCAA this Sunday

sour patch kids pineapple ghost bcaa

A couple of days ago, we posted about Ghost’s all-new flavor dropping for its stimulant pre-workout on National Sour Candy Day with yet another authentic collaboration. The upcoming product coming to market this Sunday is a tropical Sour Patch Kids Pineapple flavor for Ghost Legend, which did get a revamped and still comprehensive V2 formula four months ago in March.

It turns out; Sour Patch Kids Pineapple Ghost Legend isn’t all the original lifestyle supplement company has planned for National Sour Candy Day. The brand is actually releasing two authentic collaboration products on Sunday, with the other one being the same flavor. The second supplement getting the sweet Sour Patch Kids Pineapple is Ghost’s simple and great value amino Ghost BCAA.

Once again, you’ll be able to purchase both the Sour Patch Kids Pineapple Ghost Legend and Ghost BCAA this Sunday directly from the brand through its online store at