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Innovative snack brand Spudsy drops its second-ever plant-based product

spudsy sweet potato fries

Spudsy is the creator of the world’s first sweet potato puff snack, featuring a completely plant-based formula, and a reasonable set of macros including 3g of protein, 15g of carbohydrates, and 140 calories. The brand has come a long way since it introduced its innovative product, putting together various spin-offs and flavors, and today, it has dropped its second-ever snack.

Now available alongside Spudsy’s original Sweet Potato Puffs is Sweet Potato Fries. Much like its first product, the brand’s Sweet Potato Fries are made with sweet potato, and they’re completely plant-based; the difference is they come in a different format. It is a bag of long and thin, crunchy, fry-shaped pieces with the same sort of nutrition profile as the Sweet Potato Puffs.

Spudsy’s Sweet Potato Fries have around a gram of protein per 28g serving, 17 to 19g of carbohydrates, a gram or less sugar, 7g of fat, and between 130 to 140 calories, depending on the flavor. The creative company has debuted its second-ever snack with three tastes to choose from, and they are Hot Fry, Vegan Ranchy Fry, and the leanest of the lot, Cheese Fry.

You can read more about Spudsy’s all-new and intriguing Sweet Potato Fries over on its website, where you can also purchase some bags at $34.99 for a pack of six or $51.99 for twice as many. The brand is also running a sale at the moment where you can get 15% off using the coupon “FRYYAY”, which makes them that little bit extra enjoyable at under $2 a bag.