SSA increases and adds to its pre-workout for its more intense Hellfire Black

Jul 13th, 2021
ssa nutrition hellfire black

South African brand SSA Nutrition has come out with two new pre-workouts; both are spin-offs of its flagship stimulant pre-workout Hellfire, and both have their own distinct differences. Hellfire Black is the supplement we have in the spotlight in this post, intended to be a more hardcore and, overall, a more intense experience with many of the same ingredients as the original.

For Hellfire Black, SSA Nutrition has taken its regular Hellfire pre-workout and increased some of the dosages as well as added a couple of new ingredients to make it more intense, at least compared to Hellfire. You can see the label below, featuring slightly more beta-alanine at 2.5g per serving, 66% more glycine, double the n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and 25% more Advantra Z to 25mg.

ssa nutrition hellfire black

The ingredients SSA Nutrition has added to Hellfire to make Hellfire Black and really power that more intense pre-workout experience are huperzine A at 100mcg and an intense 8mg of rauwolfia, standardized to 90% alpha yohimbine. Compared to the original, the differences in the formula should offer quite the step up, especially with that much alpha yohimbine in there.

SSA Nutrition promises extreme energy and mental focus in Hellfire Black and performance and pump support, although there isn’t a lot backing up those latter two benefits. Hellfire Black is out and available in South Africa in two flavors, Bad Ass Blueberry and Tempting Tropical, and it does have fewer full servings than the regular Hellfire with 30 instead of 40.