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Reputable brand Strom Sports steps into the superfood space with R&GMax

strom sports rgmax

Reputable UK sports nutrition brand Strom Sports may have only revealed its all-new protein powder VelosiWhey ISO last week, but it’s already back with news of another release. The brand has unveiled R&GMax, its first-ever superfood supplement, featuring a mango-flavored combination of the two types of ingredients in its title, reds and greens.

Like most brands these days, Strom Sports has made R&GMax an open and fully transparent product, listing all of the ingredients in its facts panel alongside their precise dosages. When it comes to straight hefty amounts of superfood ingredients, Strom has delivered, packing each serving of its upcoming supplement with 9g of fruits and veggies.

strom sports rgmax

We’ve added the facts panel for Strom Sports’ R&GMax above, including the likes of spinach at 782mg per serving, a gram of artichoke, 900mg each of beetroot and raspberry, and about half a gram of broccoli and wheatgrass. That combined total of 9g of superfood ingredients is certainly high, going above most other entries in the category.

Strom Sports already has R&GMax available for pre-order through its website at £35.95 (49.77 USD), and those that get in on that opportunity won’t be waiting too long either as it’s due to ship next week.