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Australia’s beverage brand Tonik enters the fast-growing energy drink game

tonik energy

Tonik Nutrition is a fresh new brand out of Australia that we posted about around this time last year, and it debuted with two on-the-go, high-protein shakes. Tonik Pro and Tonik Plant were the brand’s first products; the former is a high-protein shake powered by a blend of milk concentrate and sodium caseinate; then, the latter is made with only plant-based protein sources.

This year, Australia’s Tonik Nutrition is expanding its family of sports nutrition beverages in a very different way, with something we’ve seen quite a bit of these past couple of years. Tonik has entered the fast-growing and competitive energy drink category with Tonik Energy, featuring a relatively straightforward energizing formula packed into a small and sleek 330ml can.

Tonik Nutrition’s carbonated Tonik Energy brings together a variety of vitamins, a light 980mg of BCAAs, even lighter dosages of taurine and tyrosine at 60mg and 48mg, respectively, and 33mg of theanine. To give it that energy effect, the brand has also included caffeine at a moderate 100mg per can, which should be enough for an anytime pick-me-up during the day.

The macros of Tonik Energy are also nutritionally friendly, sitting at 12 calories for the Blood Orange flavor, a number that only varies slightly for its other two options in Green Apple and Tropical. Tonik Nutrition’s all-new energy drink is out and available in Australia and New Zealand, so you can look forward to seeing it on shelves where other Tonik products are sold soon.