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AP Sports adds to its simple selection of supplements with bulk glutamine

ap sports regimen glutamine

Most of AP Sports Regimen’s supplements are complex, more advanced formulas, including the likes of its weight loss competitor Top Burn, amino EAA+Hydro, and the sleep aid Hyber-Nite. Over the past year or so, the brand has gradually come out with more and more basic items, with this week bringing another straightforward entry and it’s similar to one of its other two simple products.

To go with its liquid L-Carnitine 3000 and Creatine, AP Sports Regimen now has Glutamine, a bulk unflavored glutamine supplement with 300g per tub, which breaks up into 60 servings with 5g of glutamine in each. The bulk product is not all that expensive directly through the brand’s online store sitting at $24.99, only a few dollars more than AP Sports’ basic Creatine at a regular $19.99.

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