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An even more improved Bare Knuckle V4 set to release in the same year as V3

apollon nutrition bare knuckle v4

It’s almost every week or two that we’re sharing some sort of excitement out of Apollon Nutrition, which has been relentless this year when it comes to reformulations, new products, and flavor extensions. One of the reformulations the hardcore company has put out there in 2021 is a revamped version of Hooligan Bare Knuckle, absolutely packed full of pump and focus ingredients.

You can read our full breakdown on Apollon Nutrition’s most recent update to Hooligan Bare Knuckle in this post here, including hefty highlights such as 8g of pure citrulline, a gram of lion’s mane, and 600mg of alpha-GPC. Despite that latest iteration of Bare Knuckle only being a few months old, the brand has confirmed it is already working on the next version of the supplement.

To add to the excitement, Apollon Nutrition has said that not only is it working on a better Hooligan Bare Knuckle, but the product is also going to be available this year. Like V2 to V3, the upcoming Bare Knuckle V4 will be a better blend of stimulant-free mental focus and pumps, with no ingredients revealed so far, although if you know Apollon, you know it won’t be cutting any corners.

Another detail we can confirm for Apollon Nutrition’s fourth version of Hooligan Bare Knuckle is the name will be changing slightly to “Bare Knuckle”, with no more attachment to Hooligan. You’ll still be able to stack the packed out pre-workout with the regular Hooligan; the name change simply shows how much of a reputation Bare Knuckle has built and how well it stand on its own.