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Hooligan version number six goes into production for launch later this year

apollon nutrition hooligan v6

Hardcore supplement company Apollon Nutrition has already had an incredible year, filled with its usual evolutions of already available products, flavor extensions, and several all-new creations. The brand has essentially taken everything it did last year and tripled the intensity in terms of frequency and excitement, and as we continue to say, it’s not slowing down.

The latest out of the Apollon Nutrition camp is; sometime between now and the end of the year, the brand is coming out with yet another reformulation, this time, it is its well-rounded pre-workout Hooligan getting the attention. It was around this month last year Apollon dropped the fifth iteration of Hooligan, increasing almost every dose from its predecessor.

We don’t know anything about what Apollon Nutrition is doing for Hooligan V6, although, knowing and seeing the brand’s approach from other reformulations, the goal will be to improve on V5. The exact formula has been finalized and is going into production soon, so there is definitely a good chance the pre-workout arrives before 2022, as Apollon is promising.