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Bombbar adds a unique Condensed Milk flavor to its zero sugar Topping

Bombbar Caramel Condensed Milk Topping

One of the many products the Russian company Bombbar released on its way to winning our Functional Brand Of The Year Award for 2020 was Bombbar Topping. It is a zero-sugar and low-calorie topping sauce, and it was introduced in a variety of flavors, including several creative options with the likes of Strawberries, Banana & Mango, and Milk-Choco Pudding.

A year and a half after the arrival of Bombbar Topping, the product is back in the news with two new flavors, one of which is relatively traditional, and the other is a whole lot more unique. There is Caramel, with zero sugar and only 32 calories in a 15g serving, and the truly surprising flavor Condensed Milk, also without any sugar and slightly fewer calories at 25.

Both of the new Bombbar Topping flavors are in stock and available for purchase starting this week from the brand’s online store at 250₽ (3.40 USD) for a 240g bag of sauce.

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