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Xplosiv’s month-old Ping energy drink lands a fifth flavor named Charge

charge grape ping energy drink

It was only last month the New Zealand-based supplement retailer Xplosiv rolled out its own energy drink called Ping, and in a solid selection of flavors with Tropicana, Electric Fizz, Tiki Punch, and Blizzard. The product itself features a lightly dosed blend of ingredients, although more than enough to offer an anytime energy boost, including a reliable 105mg of caffeine with only one calorie a can.

Despite the young age of Xplosiv’s Ping energy drink, again, it just arrived last month; the retailer is back, adding another option to its four-flavor menu with a grape-themed experience called Charge. Those in the country can now purchase the refreshing new Charge Ping from Xplosiv’s online store and many retail locations at a price of $59.95 (41.86 USD) for a case of a dozen 250ml cans.

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