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EHP Labs and Sumeet Sahni create a childhood candy-inspired flavor of OxyShred

ehp labs mystery flavor oxyshred

Similar to what it did to close out 2020 when it partnered with its ambassador Lauren Simpson for a Caramello Koala-like flavor, EHP Labs is teaming up with another individual in Sumeet Sahni. The brand and fitness influencer have come together to create a special edition flavor of the fat burner OxyShred, and it is something we’ve seen another notable supplement company attempt.

EHP Labs and Sumeet Sahni have partnered for an OxyShred flavor called “Mystery Flavor”, and judging by the tub’s graphics, we’re guessing it’s based on the popular AirHeads candy flavor of the same name. There is one big-name brand we remember turning that product into a supplement, and that was MAN Sports about five years ago with ISO-Amino option also named “Mystery Flavor”.

It’s a little hard to tell for sure if EHP Labs’ Mystery Flavor OxyShred is similar to the original Mystery Flavor Airheads candy or just a mysterious candy creation; either way, it is said to be inspired by Sumeet Sahni’s favorite childhood candy. You can purchase the product starting this week through the brand’s online store, although, as mentioned, it is only around for a limited time.

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