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Enlightened and Delish collaborate yet again for a loaded chocolate flavor

enlightened delish triple chocolate brownie dough keto ice cream

Last year, Enlightened treated fans to something quite special when it teamed up with the popular food website Delish for a special edition flavor of its creamy, keto-friendly ice cream. The functional frozen food company actually did this twice in 2020, firstly in April with a delicious Peanut Butter Cookie and Brownie Dough, then again in September with Peppermint Brownie.

Enlightened is back this week, collaborating once again with Delish for another creative and mouthwatering new flavor of its keto-friendly ice cream. This time around, the flavor is all about chocolate with Triple Chocolate Brownie Dough. It combines rich chocolate ice cream, big brownie bits, sweet chocolate chips, and a swirl of tasty fudge throughout the ice cream.

As mentioned, Enlightened and Delish’s latest creation is an all-out chocolate dessert, still featuring its usual keto-friendly nutrition profile of 67g of fat per pint, 15g of protein, 7g of net carbohydrates, and 720 calories. You can purchase the brand’s third Delish collaboration from its online store for as low as $7 a pint or look for it in Whole Foods locations this Fall.