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GN Labs releases a bulk 1kg tub of unflavored Cluster Dextrin HBCD

gn labs cluster dextrin

German supplement retailer Gigas Nutrition has several house brands available, including Gods Rage, Big Zone, and the similarly named GN Labs. This month Gigas has launched a simple GN product that we have actually already seen from both of those other brands, Gods Rage and Big Zone; in fact, the GN Labs’ competitor is identical to that of Gods Rage’s.

Cluster Dextrin is the newest GN Labs supplement, and it is precisely that; a bulk tub of the premium carbohydrate, Cluster Dextrin branded highly branched cyclic dextrin. It comes unflavored, just like Gods Rage’s Cluster Dextrin, and it comes in the same 1kg size, although GN Labs Cluster Dextrin is currently slightly cheaper at €21.01 (24.65 USD) a tub.

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