Greg Doucette and his brand HTLT look to help with sleep in their next product

htlt sleep aid

Greg Doucette’s supplement brand Harder Than Last Time, or HTLT for short, may have only been introduced last month and is now available on its website, but Doucette is already hard at work expanding the line. The brand debuted with three sports nutrition products in a protein powder, a well-put-together pre-workout, and an already reformulated fat burner.

The next addition to the HTLT family has been revealed today, and while it’s not for a category as popular as those others, it is one of our favorites. Now in production and due to be available soon from Greg Doucette and his brand is HTLT Sleep Aid. It is indeed a nighttime supplement designed to help you get to sleep and ensure you get quality deep sleep.

The formula behind Greg Doucette’s upcoming HTLT Sleep Aid features commonly used, reliable ingredients, several dosed at reasonable amounts. Each three-capsule serving of the product has 450mg each of ashwagandha and valerian root, 75mg each of lavender and lemon balm extract, 300mg each of theanine, 5-HTP, and GABA, and 4.5mg of melatonin.

As mentioned, the supplement brings together a selection of common sleep aid ingredients, all wrapped together to enhance and improve overall sleep, which tends to lead to better recovery. The product will be available for purchase through HTLT’s online store at soon, and it’ll have a full 30 servings a bottle unless you decide to lighten the serving.

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