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Growing gaming brand Juju Energy plans to add four more flavors in the coming months

introducing juju energy gaming supplements

Of all the supplement categories out there beyond the usual popular types such as pre-workout, protein powder, and amino, gaming is one of the fastest-growing. It’s an exciting area to watch, not just because of the products brands are putting together for it, but because there are new supplement companies rolling out that are completely dedicated to the world of gaming.

Juju Energy is one of the newer names on the market, making its debut two years ago, and like most gaming brands, it has a flagship product that’s all about enhancing energy and focus for gaming. The formula powering the supplement isn’t loaded, although it should be enough to get you awake and alert, and provide an experience competitive with most others in the category.

We’ve added the facts panel for Juju Energy’s signature gaming product in the image below, featuring the likes of alpha-GPC at 150mg, half a gram of taurine, 100mg of cordyceps, 50mg of bacopa, and a reliable 180mg of caffeine. The supplement also includes the increasingly popular Lutemax 20/20 to support eye health and the effect of blue light strain on your eyes.

introducing juju energy gaming supplements

Another highlight of Juju Energy’s primary product is it has several flavors to choose from, nine to be exact, all packing 30 full servings per tub, priced at $35.99, and they have zero sugar and 15 calories. While nine different tastes is already a good amount to choose from, the young brand is planning to extend that to over ten in the coming months with four entirely new flavors.

For more information on Juju Energy and its flagship supplement, you can head to its website, where it has its product available in bulk tubs and single-serving stick packs, as well as several pieces of merchandise. As mentioned, the brand has four more flavors planned for its energy and focus product in the coming months, all of which we’ll be sure to share here at Stack3d.

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