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Laperva adds a soft and doughy donut to its collection of protein snacks

laperva protein donut

The popular sports nutrition brand Laperva available through Dr. Nutrition in the United Arab Emirates has one of the largest and more diverse lineups in the industry. The company covers many different mainstream categories, including pre-workout, amino, and protein powder, and it has plenty of functional foods to top it off, something it has introduced another one of this week.

Laperva has dropped Protein Donut this month, and true to its name, it is intended to be a soft and doughy donut that’s high in protein, packing just under 10g per donut at 9.8g. Other numbers making up the product’s nutrition profile are 12.1g of fat, 13.7g of carbohydrates with 2.6g of that sugar, and a high 273 calories, so it does have a good amount of protein but relatively high calories.

The macros mentioned above are for Laperva’s classic Dark Chocolate Protein Donut and are slightly different for its only other flavor, Strawberry, with more carbohydrates, the same fat, and less protein. The product does look and sound tasty, although, like most protein snacks and treats, it comes down to taste and texture, so you’ll have to try the donut to find out how good it is.

The retailer Dr. Nutrition has the Laperva Protein Donut in stock on its website, and it is relatively cheap at 9 AED (2.45 USD) for a single 70g donut.

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