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Magnum reformulates its pump intensifier two years later and includes Nitrosigine

magnum volume revamp

Legacy Canadian brand Magnum Nutraceuticals has revamped its stimulant-free pump-enhancing supplement Volume, something it did around this time two years ago. Back in 2019, the brand reformulated and relaunched the product, with two of its most notable changes being the addition of HydroMax glycerol at 1.5g and 50mg of the S7 pump blend.

As mentioned, Magnum Nutraceuticals has revamped Volume once again for 2021, keeping a handful of ingredients on from the previous version, including that 50mg of S7. Agmatine and norvaline are also still in the supplement but at slightly higher amounts, with agmatine being doubled to a gram per serving and norvaline increasing by 25% to 100mg.

magnum volume revamp

Alongside those three ingredients above, there are two others rounding out the formula with 800mg of pomegranate and a full 1.5g of the increasingly popular branded pump feature Nitrosigine. Despite the changes, the brand has kept the serving size of Volume at a moderate five capsules, and fans do get the same amount of servings per bottle at 24.

Magnum is launching its tweaked and reformulated Volume in Canada tomorrow through its own online store, with all of its usual retail partners likely to follow in the coming weeks.