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MHP continues its string of new flavors with flavor number four for Hyper Crush

Over the past month, legacy brand MHP has expanded the menu of two of its longer-running supplements in the packed-out post-workout Dark Matter and the slow-release protein powder Probolic-SR. The new flavors for each of those products are a straightforward Grape for Dark Matter and Cookies & Cream Probolic-SR, and now the brand has a new option for its pre-workout Hyper Crush.

Hyper Crush hasn’t been around as long as those other two MHP supplements, Dark Matter and Probolic-SR, but it has a new flavor regardless, and it’s the pre-workout’s third overall. Joining the product’s previous menu of Rainbow Candy, Sour Ball, and Blue Ice is a common Strawberry Kiwi, and if you head to MHP’s online store soon you can save 30% and discount it down to $39.19.

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