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Fit Crunch puts actual cookie pieces in its Milk & Cookies flavor of protein powder

milk and cookies fit crunch protein powder

To start the New Year, Robert Irvine’s brand Fit Crunch released a classic flavor combination for its popular and high-protein Fit Crunch Protein Bar in Milk & Cookies. The product features a smooth and doughy center with crispy cookie-like pieces throughout the snack, and all covered in sweet white chocolate with 16g of protein in a bar and a moderate 210 calories.

Fit Crunch has now decided to bring that just over half-a-year-old Milk & Cookies flavor from its protein bar to its protein powder. Like the other flavors on the supplement’s menu, the Milk & Cookies Fit Crunch Protein Powder has 25g of protein per serving from a blend of whey isolate and concentrate. The other macros rounding out the flavor’s nutrition profile include 8g of carbohydrates, 4g of sugar, 2.5g of fat, and 160 calories.

To reinforce the milk and cookies theme, the Fit Crunch Protein Powder flavor has actual cookie pieces throughout, which makes sense as to why its carbohydrates and calories are slightly higher than some of its other options. You can purchase the supplement’s newest flavor directly from the brand’s website or Amazon, both pricing it at $29.99 for a 1.6lb bag.