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Muscleblaze’s liquid carnitine gets a triple strength version with 3.3g a serving

Muscleblaze Liquid Carnitine Pro

Indian supplement company Muscleblaze has come out with a spin-off of its basic and straightforward, liquid format carnitine product Liquid L-Carnitine with Liquid L-Carnitine Pro. The brand actually sums up the point of difference between the two weight-loss supporting supplements in its marketing, describing the newer of the carnitine formulas as “triple-strength”.

Basically, Muscleblaze’s Liquid L-Carnitine Pro is a three-times more concentrated product, with each of its 30 servings per bottle packing 3.3g of carnitine instead of 1.1g like the original. The new release is certainly one of the higher-dosed carnitine supplements we’ve come across, although it does only come in the one flavor at the moment in Lemon Lime.

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