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Myprotein’s latest snack is light, crispy, high in protein and a wafer style bar

Myprotein Myvegan Coated Crispy Wafer

Myprotein is welcoming another high-protein snack under its plant-based, vegan-friendly brand this week, Myvegan, introducing the Coated Crispy Wafer. The product is indeed a wafer-style snack made exclusively with plant ingredients such as pea protein and pumpkin seed flour, and it packs a reasonable amount of protein at 11g in its medium-sized 40g bar.

The new Myprotein Myvegan Coated Crispy Wafer is a high protein snack, packing that 11g per bar, alongside 9.3g of carbohydrates with zero sugar, 1.7g of fiber, a high 15g of fat, and 212 calories. True to its name, the product is a chocolate-coated crispy wafer bar, which should be interesting to eat as wafer-style snacks have always been really off or really on for us.

Myprotein does promise a light and crispy experience in its Myvegan Coated Crispy Wafer, and at the moment, it comes in one flavor with traditional chocolate. If you like the sound of the vegan-friendly snack, you can grab it from both Myprotein’s online store as well as Myvegan’s, both pricing it the same at £18.99 (26.05 USD) for a full-size box of 12 protein bars.