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Naughty Boy prepares to release its first-ever bag packaged supplement

naughty boy bag supplement

Naughty Boy has really brought the heat these past few months, revealing and releasing several flavor extensions and products, including the complete availability of its extensive Amino Family. Despite how busy things have been for the International Brand Of The Year winner for 2020, it’s showing no signs of slowing down, and today it has dropped a teaser for what appears to be another all-new supplement.

You can see Naughty Boy’s teaser in the image above, featuring a bag packaged product. While we have no idea what kind of supplement it’s meant to be, whatever it is, it’ll be the brand’s first product in that bag style of packaging. Naughty Boy has not said anything about whether this is anything entirely new, so that may not be the case, and it could be something like a value size of a current supplement.

In typical Naughty Boy style, more information on the bag packaged product will be shared soon, followed by a full launch. Until then, we’re completely uncertain on what the lifestyle UK-based brand has up its sleeve, although either way, it’s clear, as mentioned earlier, Naughty Boy is showing no signs of slowing down.

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